Tour and Services

We're working on an interactive tour, but we're not there yet. Check out two of the screens on our website to see how easy and useful thaList can be:

Search Page

Our Live List® Enabled search page shows you new postings with up-to-the minute accuracy -- including price changes and other changes to existing posts -- for all our types: Wholesale Inventory offers, Trade Bids, Brokered Offers, and Car Needed requests, plus Part needed / for sale. Sort by any field you'd like, put vehicles on a personal watch list, or (our favorite) start typing what you want in the filter field, and the list of cars is immediately pared down to only those that match your search.

Create Postings

Sell your inventory quickly and easily with our intuitive forms. We provide a place for exactly the kind of information you'll need in a wholesale transaction (like Title Holder, Odometer Condition, and Paint / Body Work), so you can see exactly what others are selling, and you won't have to field dozens of calls from uninterested buyers.

The system supports as many pictures as you would care to provide, and we have a very easy drag-and-drop system to organize the pictures on your posting. It's also designed so you can upload as many as ten pictures simultaneously - you won't have to wait for each one to finish before you start the next one.

Our forms provide feedback as you work, so you can spot potential problems before you even click 'submit', and our preview screen shows you what other members will see before you post.

Think of the list as a kind of wholesale highline dealer country club. We're here to make it as comfortable and easy as possible for you to do business with some of the best highline dealers in the country. If you're interested in joining the community, click 'Contact Us' at the bottom of this page to find out more.