Shelby Smith
Elite Autos

My experience on the list has been great. I have very rarely had an issue with anyone off the list, but the 2 times I have over the past 2 years, Owner SCOTT ALES was there to help and got results. Its nice to know there is someone out there to help and I appreciate all that the team at ThaList does. I am not one of the biggest users, but use the list on a regular basis. Its nice to have a place for dealers to buy and sell to each other. Keep it up guys! Shelby Smith President:

Patrick Lambert
Lamborghini Dallas

If you're a newcomer to "tha-list", you'll soon find out the importance of this site, in your business day. Weather looking for a specific vehicle, needing a well rounded bid from a national market environment, or making your wholesale inventory known to dealers nationwide, no other site comes close. Scott, Debra, Kiki, Bill, and James are hands on, and respond immediately if you need them. The more dealers coming to tha-list the better, it helps us all. Patrick Lambert Helping buyer and seller Lamborghini Dallas

Randy Darlin
Domani Motorcars, Inc.

My Name is Randy Darlin I am the Salesmanager at Domani Motors Inc. I would like to thank all the staff at Thalist. We have been a member since January 2000 and we could not live with out them. On average we post 2-3 requests for cars daily and we buy at least 3-4 cars per week directly relating to ThaList. As far as selling a car on ThaList, every time we post it gets sold with in 24 hours. (As long as it is priced wholesale of course). Its really simple if you use ThaList you, will buy and sell more cars. Thank you! Randy Darlin Domani Motors INC.

Gabreal Velez

"I don't know how I functioned without this website" .

Randy Mattison
Motorcars International

We at MotorCars International would just like to take the time to let you know that we appreciate all the sales (and new contacts)that ThaList has generated for our business over the years.Having been a member from virtually day one we have seen many changes to ThaList and have watched it grow to its present day mega status.Keep up the good work.

Jeff Frazier
Preferred Auto Brokers

I wanted to write to compliment, encourage, and thank you for such a creative job you have done with ThaList. Because of the new format and added tools to the network it has become an invaluable tool to my business. I have watched as each month my profits have increased, a direct result of working ThaList. If worked properly, one could make a substantial living simply by working the leads. Thank you once again for the support and making ThaList both easy to use and an income-producing tool.