About ThaList

In 1988, the web was still years away when several creative young car guys hatched a plan: Give dealers the ability to access each others inventories, not just daily, but within seconds! During the summer of that year, a representative of International Auto Exchange (IAX) set up a computer and modem on my desk in Clinton, Iowa. With an orange screen and strange noises coming from the modem, I was connected with 100 of the most prominent luxury car dealers in the country. Many of those same dealers are members today.

Although the system struggled -- mostly because it was so far ahead of its time -- it managed to make an impression on the industry that would pave the way for its eventual success. In 1999, one of IAX’s founding members, Bill Hodges, decided it was time to try the concept on the Internet. The Highline Automobile List (ThaList) was reborn and overcame some of the limits of its prior versions.

This time, its success was built on the growing Email Revolution. It was this version that really gave the members constant communication with each other. Through mid-2006, the email system provided quick and easy delivery to its 209 members, the best Luxury and Exotic car dealers nationwide. Above and beyond simple buying and selling, members could more confidently and easily find the best vehicles to fit their customers’ needs. As ThaList grew, so did its volume of email. It was time to add a little more intelligence to the system so that its value wasn’t lost in a flood of noise.

In May of 2006, I purchased controlling interest in the site from Bill. As a veteran of the wholesale world since 1988 and also a founding member of IAX, I have been heavily involved with Internet re-marketing at every step of the way. Through Live List LLC, James Yopp (an accomplished software developer) and I created a live system that is unrivaled in the industry today. With patents applied for, the Live List software debuted here at ThaList on Sept. 16th, 2006. The system was immediately met with enormous enthusiasm, and it showed our members just how powerful and immediate information can be.

Today, ThaList provides its 175 member companies (a total of 351 users) with support and trend-setting upgrades that leave the competition scrambling. If you would like to know more about this heavily vetted community of the best dealers in the nation, please feel free to call one of us today! With a referral, and for less than the average gross profit of a single car deal, you too can become a member. By joining this exclusive group, you will immediately establish a reputation as part of a community with a strict code of ethics, not just on the site, but in every transaction. We protect our community and our members, and joining isn’t to be taken lightly; It just might transform the way you think about the industry.

Join the most professional -- and oldest -- automotive re-marketing site on the web.

– Scott Ales
(352) 735-5496